Explore the clinical trial results for XHANCE

XHANCE was studied in two Phase 3 pivotal trials and two Phase 3 open-label trials1-4

XHANCE was evaluated in NAVIGATE I and NAVIGATE II: Two similar Phase 3 pivotal randomized, placebo-controlled multicenter studies (N=646).1,3

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Improvement in congestion and other defining nasal symptoms

Patients using XHANCE reported improvement in congestion (coprimary endpoint) and the other 3 defining nasal symptoms.1,3

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Reductions in bilateral polyp grade

XHANCE reduced bilateral polyp grade (coprimary endpoint), with up to 28% of patients achieving total polyp elimination.1,3

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~90% of patients using XHANCE reported overall improvement2

Two-thirds of patients reported a Patient Global Impression of Change (PGIC) of “much improved” or “very much improved.”3

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Exhalation helps deliver medication high and deep into the nasal passages.1,2

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