The mechanism of delivery for XHANCE

XHANCE uses an Optinose Exhalation Delivery System (EDS) designed to deliver medication high and deep in the nasal passages to regions where nasal polyps originate and sinuses drain and ventilate.1,2


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XHANCE was designed with the nasal anatomy in mind

The patented nosepiece is specifically designed to seal tightly in the nostril, act as a stent in the nasal valve, and create positive pressure that expands narrow nasal passages, helping medicine reach high and deep in the nasal passages.3

XHANCE is designed to promote deposition of medication to the superior and posterior regions, including the ostiomeatal complex, behind the middle turbinate, where1-4:

  • Sinuses drain and ventilate
  • Most polyps originate
  • Inflamed membranes and polyps can obstruct sinuses

XHANCE leverages the dynamics of an Optinose EDS to elevate and seal the soft palate, shown here. This may limit medication from dripping down the throat and helps guide the exhaled breath to pass behind the nasal septum and out the opposite nostril.

Photo of Dr. Murphy

When I explain the anatomy of closing the soft palate for the benefit of bidirectional flow and minimization of medication run-off posteriorly, [my patients] get really excited.

Allergist Thomas Murphy, MD
Paid consultant of Optinose

The clinical trials for XHANCE evaluated over 1500 patients.3
View endoscopy videos taken before and after treatment with XHANCE.