XHANCE uses an Optinose Exhalation Delivery System (EDS) designed to deliver medication high and deep in the nasal passages to regions where nasal polyps originate and sinuses drain and ventilate.1,2

Optinose Exhalation Delivery System (EDS)

Frequently Asked Questions about XHANCE

What is the dosage form and strength of XHANCE?

  • Each metered spray delivers 93 mcg of fluticasone propionate in 106 mg of aqueous suspension

How much spray is delivered per actuation?

  • Each metered spray delivers 93 mcg of fluticasone propionate in 106 mg of aqueous suspension through the cone-shaped nosepiece. One unit provides 120 metered sprays

How long will the prescription last?

  • If dosed 1 spray per nostril BID, the unit will last 30 days. If dosed 2 sprays per nostril BID, the unit will last 15 days

What is the shelf life of XHANCE?

  • 24 months

Is XHANCE red dye free?

  • Yes

Does XHANCE contain alcohol?

  • No, the product is in purified water

Does XHANCE have a fragrance?

  • No, the product does not have a fragrance

What is the particle size?

  • Particle size distribution is in the range of 0 to 5 microns

Does XHANCE include dyes, gluten, or lactose?

  • No

What is the risk of introducing bacteria/microbes from the mouth/oropharynx into the nose with the breath during exhalation?

  • The incidence of infection was low in all treatment arms. Please see Table 1 of Adverse Reactions in the Package Insert for additional information

Can bacteria grow in the unit due to spray dripping down the device?

  • The suspension has a preservative in it (benzalkonium chloride) to prevent microbial growth and has been tested extensively. Microbial growth within the device following use was not observed

How many sprays will one vial deliver?

  • One vial of XHANCE contains 120 metered sprays as well as those needed for priming

Do patients need to sniff to get the medication into the nose?

  • Patients should not inhale (sniff) when blowing (exhaling) into the mouthpiece. They should continue to blow into the mouthpiece while pressing the vial to release the medication. The exhaled breath helps to deliver the medication high and deep into the patient’s nasal passages1,2

Should patients pinch off the other nostril while using the device?

  • Patients should not block the other nostril because the exhaled breath must pass around the back of the nasal septum and out the other side of the nose

How often do patients need to clean the device?

  • Patients do not need to clean XHANCE. If they prefer to clean the device, they should remove the cap and use a clean, dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the device after each use

Can other medications be put into the XHANCE device?

  • No other medications can be put into the XHANCE device. XHANCE is a self-contained unit; the delivery system cannot be attached to administer other medications

How do patients use the product?


Deposition is different with exhalation.2

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