Treating nasal polyps

Where do you want to deliver a topical steroid when treating nasal polyps?

Deposition with conventional intranasal steroids (INS) occurs predominantly in the anterior portion of the nasal cavity.1

Example of single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)/MRI images for QNASL®, Flonase®, and Nasonex®. Images show 2 external fiducial markers used to align SPECT with MRI data.1 All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

  • Minimal deposition within the turbinates, ostiomeatal complex, and posterior nasal regions where most polyps originate1-4
  • Most studies suggest that conventional INS do not reach the paranasal sinuses even after endoscopic sinus surgery5
  • The clinical relevance of different deposition patterns has not been established


Curious to see the deposition with XHANCE?

See how XHANCE deposits medication high and deep in the nasal passages to regions where nasal polyps originate and sinuses drain and ventilate.4,6

The clinical trials for XHANCE evaluated over 1500 patients.7
See what makes XHANCE different.